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Whitepaper Creation Services from Mot Juste

In the highly content-driven world of technical B2B marketing, there are few pieces of collateral that can shine a spotlight on your extensive domain expertise, and therefore build confidence in your capabilities, the way a whitepaper can.

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Getting a whitepaper right needs the ability and willingness on the part of your agency partner to deep-dive into your field of work, not to mention considerable patience and focus to see the project through. In our experience, this is a hard combination to find.

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At Mot Juste, we combine a strong B2B focus, an ability to absorb and develop technically-oriented communication, and high quality content writing capabilities.

Combined with an inherent tenacity and doggedness (that several of our customers will vouch for), we bring together the key attributes you need to produce whitepapers that deliver serious value to your business.

Our work on whitepaper development begins with detail knowledge transfer sessions with your subject matter experts. This is followed by further research based on the collated talking points, and building the skeleton of the final document. We then set to work on fleshing out the content for the whitepaper, including long-format but concise text, and graphical representations and infographics where possible.

Whether to act as a lead magnet for digital campaigns, for knowledge sharing with employees or channel partners, or purely to establish thought leadership, whitepapers developed at Mot Juste are purpose-built to support your communication objectives.

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CloudNow has been working with Mot Juste for 5+ years to create high-quality marketing content for our websites, decks, blogs, and other collateral. We've been impressed by the positive, proactive way they approach each new exercise. The Mot Juste team works closely with us, playing a consultative role, bringing their perspective to the marketing communication and messaging required - a real benefit as the team exhibits a good understanding of how to communicate the intricacies of cutting edge tech solutions. We would recommend Mot Juste to any business that requires expertise in tech marketing and content marketing.

— Madhav Sattanathan
CloudNow Technologies, Chennai

Whitepaper creation often forms part of a larger content marketing strategy, and in such cases, can be delivered under a monthly retainership, which ensures that we are able to fully absorb the subject matter, and add constantly increasing value over time.

On the other hand, if you require only a whitepaper as a one-off, we're happy to partner with you on an single project basis as well.

Speak to us to see how we can add value your content, and by extension, to your marketing.

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