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Improve search rankings for relevant search terms.

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Content-writing, code improvements, blog management, linking and more. With our in-house Content team and working with great industry partners, Mot Juste offers the complete gamut of SEO services, guaranteeing improvement in relevant search results.

They say that the best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google search results. Content on the internet is only increasing from day to day, and the only way to stand out is to stand first.

In the process of Search Engine Optimisation, we work with your team to identify crucial keywords for which you would like your website to rank higher on Google search results. These keywords are chosen based on your knowledge of your customer, search volume analysis, and a study of your website.

Given the competition for that coveted first page, SEO is a constant process. Regular edits and updates are needed to stay ahead of the curve. It’s also a long-term process, often taking months to lift your website up the rankings. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in SEO-friendly website content and structure in the website development stage itself.

We bring together the content-writing, coding and design skills, and our understanding of evolving online communication, honed over the past 25+ years, to provide you with professional SEO services.

With effective SEO, your carefully, thoughtfully developed website appears before more relevant users and in relevant searches.

So invest in regular SEO, month on month. Give your website the chance to capture the audience it deserves.

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