Sustainable Growth: From Small, to Medium, to Large!

We’ve been in the business of helping businesses grow since 1988. When I say ‘grow’, I don’t mean the kind of catapulting speed that startups see today. I mean steady, sustainable growth that can stand the test of time.

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As an SME ourselves, we’ve found that when it comes to scaling a business there are challenges at the best of times.

Up to a point, the business runs well. Then you want to jump to the next level.

And suddenly, you find…

… it’s tough to keep existing customers, leave alone trying to add to their numbers!

… it’s tough to maintain profit margins, leave alone trying to increase profits!

… it’s tough to retain good people, leave alone trying to attract further talent!

… it’s tough to manage existing debt, leave alone trying to get fresh funding!

How do you cross these hurdles to growth?

You need to build your Brand.

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Branding doesn’t just help you reach out to new markets. It helps you increase the value you can claim for your product or service. It helps you get and keep employees of a higher calibre. And yes – it helps generate leads, too!

In today’s world, brand building is not accomplished through expensive advertising. Instead, especially for SMEs like us, brand building must be a continuous, calibrated and budget-conscious process that ensures that:

a) Our delivery is of high quality at every touchpoint.

b) Our company tells a consistent, strong story across all communication.

c) Our relationships with customers, prospects, staff and environment are built and maintained.

d) Our presence is made impactful through the media that give us the best return on investment.

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Point (a) is at the core of your business which you know best… but points (b), (c) and (d) deal with CONSISTENT AND CALIBRATED COMMUNICATION that works for you, your industry, and your audience.

So how do you make your brand stand out with communication that works for you?

A) Take the help of an experienced but cost-effective agency to discuss, plan, and action a comprehensive brand building and lead generation exercise.

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B) Marketing communication is a continuous process. Set aside an affordable monthly budget for it, and commit to it for at least a year. Don’t invest blindly – keep questioning yourself and your agency as to what’s happening, why, and how much return you’re making on your investment.

C) Reach out 360 degrees with both inbound and outbound methods that suit you, your goals and your sector.

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D) Remember that physical interaction and personal selling are off the table in most geographies, at least for the time being. If your digital communication is not up to the mark, now is the time to correct that! Ask yourself:

  • Is my Website modern and always up-to-date?
  • Am I regularly creating and distributing eMailers with news and product info?
  • Do I have a clear Social Media plan covering platforms and content strategy?
  • Is my Website sufficiently visible on relevant Searches, through organic or paid means?
  • Do I have fundamental digital Corporate and Product Collateral (eBrochure, Presentation, Video, etc) which can be shared easily with leads as an introduction to my organisation?

If you’re concerned about whether or not your digital marketing communication is up to the mark, do get in touch with us. We’d love to help you out with a free digital marketing audit as the first step.

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