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Corporate Identity Solutions from Mot Juste

With 30+ years of experience in branding and marketing communication, Mot Juste's comprehensive corporate identity solutions go the extra mile to ensure that your visual brand identity suits you to the ground: your industry, your audience, your product or service offering, your positioning and more.

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The first impression your organisation creates with your audience is often the most important and the longest lasting. That's why it's so important to ensure that your logo, colours, style, tone and voice suit your business’ unique requirements.

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Mot Juste works with your marketing and management teams to understand the ins and outs of your brand. We can work with your business at any stage of your go-to-market lifecycle - from before product launch, to entering the market, or at any time that a rebranding exercise seems warranted to refresh the brand persona.

We study your organisation, industry, branding, offering, audience, pricing, initial positioning and packaging.

At Mot Juste, we pride ourselves on our practical approach to developing and applying your visual corporate identity. Based on our comprehensive understanding of what your brand should represent, we help you to define:

  • Brand Positioning and Persona
  • Colours, Style and Tone
  • Brand Assets such as Logo and other Design Elements
  • Design and Content Guidelines for future communication

That's why Mot Juste is the ideal partner for small and medium sized businesses looking to define their visual brand identity. Because we combine experience and expertise, theory and practice, to produce branding that works.

Our experience with the practical aspects of brand communication beyond just consultancy helps us partner with you to define and develop a corporate identity that works for you in the long term.

While developing your core brand identity may be a one-time exercise that lasts you several years, maintaining and regularly updating your marketing and corporate communication to suit the defined brand guidelines is an ongoing task best delivered via an ongoing communication retainership.

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