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Brand Guardianship Services from Mot Juste

At Mot Juste, we understand the importance of consistent reinforcement of your brand's identity at each point of interaction with every audience. Our highly reliable brand guardianship services help you ensure that all of your brand's communications across media follow the same standards in terms of design and content.

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Whether it's multiple communication creation partners, each with a different understanding of your brand, or even executives at your business eager to showcase their creativity (sometimes at the brand's expense), inconsistent representation of your brand identity is an all-too-common problem.

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At Mot Juste, we understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building and maintaining a recognisable and differentiated brand identity.

And, more importantly, through our 30+ years of experience, we have seen just how real the struggle is for businesses - from the largest of corporates to the smallest start-ups - to maintain uniformity in their brand identity across collateral, media, multiple vendors, and multiple points of origin of requests within the organisation.

We understand the value of delivering a strong, consistent message at every touchpoint, and equally importantly, the erosion of brand value that occurs when brand identity guidelines are treated casually.

Some of the specific areas where we add value to our clients in guarding their brands include:

  • Uniform usage of brand identity elements such as logos, graphic elements, design styles, fonts, and so on
  • Ensuring consistency in content in terms of tone, style, or UK/USA standards of spellings and grammar
  • Standardising the quality of materials in physical collateral across geographically widespread organisations

Achieving this degree of standardisation across brand collateral across the organisation - across media, geographies, and audiences - isn't easy. At Mot Juste, our 360-degree solutions and deep appreciation for brand identity standards equip us better than most to handle these challenges effectively.

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You have been an ideal foil to our primary agency in helping us in our MarCom efforts, handling BTL activities efficiently and cost-effectively.

After having used your services for over two decades now, we can vouch for your reliable and dependable support.

— R S Priya
Vice President, Key Accounts Management and B2B Marketing
Blue Star, India

Brand guardianship requires in-depth engagement, close interaction, and trust. That's why we recommend that this service be delivered as part of a broad-based retainership agreement – maximising the value accrued to both sides.

With all our services easily available online and over email, Mot Juste works with clients around the world.

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