4 points to consider while choosing a communication partner

how to choose right communication partner

Congratulations! You’ve taken the important decision to invest in building your brand. Having decided that your foundational branding and marketing communication need to present the right image to the world, and convey your message while reflecting a brand aesthetic you can be proud of, you now need the right partner to translate your brand vision into reality.

As you look at multiple vendor possibilities, it’s important you keep in mind a few key points:

1. Work with a single strong partner with expertise across media

For example, any web developer could get your website redone; or any social media person could get your social media pages created; any designer could get brochures made if you give them the text content; etc.

Going to a different partner for each collateral may sometimes save money in the short term, but it will not help you build a strong and coherent brand. Instead, it will build a disparate set of collateral, each reflecting a different brand image, which could confuse your prospective customer.

You need someone who can strategise, create, maintain, update and improve ALL your collateral, with synchronised communication across the board as well. That includes web, social media, print and presentations, among others.

2. Ensure continuity in communication with a reliable, established partner

Consistent communication is vital. You don’t want to work with the here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of freelancer! Besides, that would also usually leave all collateral at that stage of development but no update. And that’s no good at all!

Creating and leaving collateral to stagnate does NOT help. All your brand collateral need constant updates, or they will become static, not reflecting the dynamism of your organisation.

So choose a partner who has demonstrated stability and long-term relationships with their existing customers, and speak to their references. If they check out, chances are they can reliably support you too.

3. Prioritise strong content writing and communication skills

Content is king – this is true now more than ever.

Designing a website, for example, is more about the content and structure than the aesthetics of the site. Prioritising the content displayed above-the-fold, striking the right balance between video, photo and text content… there are a dozen different ways in which website content is different from, for example, a brochure. And the same goes for social media, emailers, presentations and brochures.

You need a partner who brings strong and proven content capabilities to the table.

4. Work with a team having a strong portfolio and experience working with big brands.

There’s nothing like a solid portfolio of proven work done to convince you that a communication partner lives up to their own marketing spiel! Look for good testimonials from brands you know, samples that impress you and experience of more than a handful of years.

In addition, experience in handling big brands across industries results in an in-depth understanding of brand building and brand guardianship… something that’s invaluable whether you’re a heavyweight brand yourself, or a smaller business looking to build your brand!

After all, you need someone who can think proactively for you, not someone who forces you to push them day in and day out to get your work done! Only a track record of working many years for tough customers from across the world, and across industries, can prove this to you before you actually start working with a vendor.

At Mot Juste, if we may toot our own horn just a little, we emphatically tick all four boxes! Do get in touch with us for a marketing communication plan that suits you, and meanwhile please take a look at our profile and portfolio.

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