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Content Authoring & Editing Services from Mot Juste

Well-written English content tailored to each audience.

Logical, concise and professional.

We at Mot Juste pride ourselves on our excellent authoring, content-writing and editing services. Our communication, presentation and language skills, together with our deep understanding and appreciation of corporate tone and identity standards born of rich experience, results in professional, smoothly written content for websites, brochures, presentations, magazines and product literature.

After detailed discussions with your representatives to understand precisely what is to be communicated, we think and write as your alter ego – yet with the objectivity of distance needed, in order to know what it is that your audience needs to hear.

In this line, we write and edit management communiques, press releases, magazine articles or entire in-house magazines, technical manuals and documentation, installation standards, newsletters, mailers, flyers, presentations, brochure content, corporate folder content, website content, guides, booklets, and reports.

Special care is taken to ensure that all authoring and editing follows the corporate tone approved by the company – authoritative, informative, breezy, or entertaining, depending on context and corporate standards – and the accepted language standard – UK or US English being our specialities – as may be laid down in the client’s corporate identity standards, or, if such standards do not already exist, to develop such standards as we go along.

Corporate communication authoring and content standardisation are best delivered under a retainer agreement, bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses. This allows Mot Juste to function as part of your organisation, to be a part of every communication loop that matters, and to add value while authoring or editing – thus helping us to think for you. However, ad hoc operation, on a task-by-task basis, is also possible.

At Mot Juste, we believe that the customer is paramount. We know that your time is spent on business more important than worrying about the syntax and grammar of every one of your communiques. That’s why we at Mot Juste work to take that burden off you. Completely.

Over our years of experience, we find that Content Authoring & Editing Services are best delivered under a retainer agreement. This allows Mot Juste to function as part of your organisation, be a part of every communication loop that matters, and add value to communication which might not otherwise be given the attention it deserves.

With all our services easily available online and over email, Mot Juste works with clients around the world. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to author your corporate and marketing communication.

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