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Corporate Communication Services from Mot Juste

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Our CorCom services include consulting on tone and content of all your communication, creating corporate identity standards, ensuring adherence to set standards, and, of course, production of corporate communication material of the highest quality.



Whether it's active marketing communication like advertising, sales brochures or e-mailers, or corporate communication like websites, annual reports, corporate profile and presentations, logos and your corporate stationery or in-house magazines, your communication is essential to building your brand.

Mot Juste combines presentation and language skills, a deep understanding and appreciation of corporate tone and identity standards born of rich experience, strict application of corporate tone and identity standards on both text and graphics. In the case of logos and brand marks, maintaining standard colours, dimensions and proportions during reproduction in various formats, is essential.

We take pains to ensure that all corporate communication follows approved corporate tone, language standards, and other rules laid down in a client's corporate identity standards. Again, we can develop such standards as we go along, as required.

With clients for whom we work under a retainership agreement, we add value to communication which might not otherwise be given the attention it deserves, such as management communiques and in-house briefs.

At Mot Juste, we recognise that the identity and reputation of a company depends on the quality of its communications – in content, appearance and uniformity. That's why we spend time and effort to understand the unique demands and pressures of each client, to relate to you and understand you before we communicate for you. With Mot Juste, you get more than just a reactive supplier or an abstract consultant. You get a team of proactive, involved, thinking partners.

Over our nearly twenty five years of experience, we find that Marketing Communication consulting is best delivered together with Corporate Communication Consulting under a retainer agreement bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses. This allows Mot Juste to function as part of your organisation, be a part of every communication loop that matters, and add value to communication which might not otherwise be given the attention it deserves, such as management communiques and in-house briefs.

However, ad hoc operation, on task-by-task basis, is certainly also possible.

With all our services easily available online and over email, Mot Juste can work with clients anywhere in the world. So why not give us a try?

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