Thought Leadership: The Future for your Business

Thought leadership: the future for your business

“Thought leader” is not just another corporate buzzword. A thought leader’s advice is sought after and valued by anyone in the industry, especially by prospective clients. A thought leader’s perspective is wide and deep enough to anticipate industry trends and predict them before they happen. If you think about how companies at the top of their sectors got there, it’s because their clients thought of them as thought leaders in the field. In terms of actions, thought leaders back up their conjectures and hypotheses with tangible results. Seems like a tall order, doesn’t it?

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7 Terrible, Horrible, No-good Things About Creating Great Digital Content

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Great content = great conversions = increased revenue. Not worth the hassle, am I right?! Almost all of the best companies in the world have got great digital content. And look where that got them! Fantastic ads, blogs, social media posts, videos, emails and more – with great content comes great (customer) response. The ton of hassle is just too much to handle – just not worth it!

Here are 7 ways in which great digital content can spell the opposite of disaster (which we know is ‘blessing’ because we are content experts) for your company.

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6 Cool Brochure Trends for FY 2019-2020

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Unlike digital and other modern forms of marketing, a brochure can create a more personal impact on the potential client, conveying to them all that they need to know about your business.

A well-structured brochure can be a great way to create a great first impression and convert leads into clients. A brochure, therefore, is an investment – and not one to be made without careful planning.

But how do you ensure that your brochure serves the purpose it was designed for, without ending up in the trash bin? If a brochure is on your budget this financial year, find out as we discuss 6 important points that can help your brochure make a stunning impact this financial year!

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