7 Terrible, Horrible, No-good Things About Creating Great Digital Content

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Great content = great conversions = increased revenue. Not worth the hassle, am I right?! Almost all of the best companies in the world have got great digital content. And look where that got them! Fantastic ads, blogs, social media posts, videos, emails and more – with great content comes great (customer) response. The ton of hassle is just too much to handle – just not worth it!

Here are 7 ways in which great digital content can spell the opposite of disaster (which we know is ‘blessing’ because we are content experts) for your company.

1. People won’t forget you easily

Wish your customers would forget about you as soon as they leave your owned media? Stay far away from content that tells your story right. Engaging content could help customers fall in love with your brand. Love at first sight probably isn’t real, anyway.

2. There will be more visitors to your website

Customers want to know what they’re getting into before making big purchases – and rightfully so! If your website is filled with irrelevant and unoptimised content which makes no sense to the reader, congratulations! You can continue on in magnificent isolation.

3. Yours becomes a “trusted” brand

The last thing the intelligent company wants is a swarm of customers on the website, clamouring for information and support! The more you educate your audience about your product or service with well-written content, the more they can trust you. Will this make you come across as more reliable? Yes! Will this help you get more viral and word-of-mouth marketing? Definitely! And will it increase the market demand for your products and services? Indubitably! Is it worth it? Well… yes?

4. You become positioned as category experts

Industry experts often go on to become the monopolies in their respective industries. Putting out valuable content that genuinely addresses the requirements of your customers, explains the category, their needs and how to get a real edge over competition, sets you firmly on your path towards becoming the go-to brand in your industry. This is useful – but of course, only if you want to get there. Is the hassle of growth really worth it?!

5. Your online visibility improves

Did you know that working on SEO-friendly web content and blog posts increases your brand visibility in the online world? Did you also know that failing to optimise your content can leave you several years behind your competitors despite having better services and products? ’Nuff said, I believe.

6. You can save money

There are two ways you can go about content marketing. One, generic content which brings no value-add to your customers. Two, great content which gets the message across perfectly. With the latter, you can expect better, more qualified leads than by following any other outbound marketing strategy. So really, the choice is simple – better business development or oxymoronic stagnant growth.

7. Your customers will feel valued

Remember how you felt in school when your crush acknowledged your presence? (No, I don’t either… sigh.) But brand-customer interaction on social media is the adult equivalent of that special feeling. Say hi to your customers and give them content that’s timely, topical and of value.

A content marketing strategy will give you fruitful results, though (as it is a soft marketing strategy) the results are long-term.

In all seriousness, though, we said that putting out great content is not worth the hassle – and we stand by that statement. Well, in a way. Coming up with great content is definitely worth it for your business – but if you, as the entrepreneur or marketing manager of the business, need to work on periodically preparing and putting out high-quality content, that’s too much effort. You need to focus on your own core product or service delivery. That’s where we come in.

At Mot Juste, we take over your content marketing from start to finish. With decades of experience providing our clients with valuable content and improved business prospects, we understand content creation at a level that few other agencies our size do.

It’s now up to you to decide if you want the fruit of your efforts to be Apples or Oranges. If you are Team Apple, we can now be friends! Get in touch today.

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