The Secret to Your Blogging Success: Compounding Blog Posts

compounding blog posts

Here’s what happens, nine out of ten times, when a blog post is published: there is a surge of traffic soon after the link to the post is shared on various platforms. And then, slowly but surely, the number of visits goes down and – in a matter of days – the post decays, the visits trickle to a stop. Not long after, bloggers turn to the next topic, and the cycle continues.

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Creating Effective Content During the New Normal: a Simple Guide

If there is a faint silver lining to this crisis and the difficult post-COVID period that we’re now wading through, it’s probably that the situation provides us with an opportunity to strengthen brand identity and reiterate our values. Content marketing can serve as an effective tool to remain in touch with your customers, emphasise what you stand for, and keep the communication channels alive.

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4 points to consider while choosing a communication partner

how to choose right communication partner

Congratulations! You’ve taken the important decision to invest in building your brand. Having decided that your foundational branding and marketing communication need to present the right image to the world, and convey your message while reflecting a brand aesthetic you can be proud of, you now need the right partner to translate your brand vision into reality.

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Full-funnel Marketing

Full funnel marketing

The marketing funnel is a metaphorical funnel that helps to visualise the process through which targeted audiences – once unaware of a product/service – become potential leads and are then converted into customers. In a Utopian world, the marketing funnel would look like a cylinder where all of the targeted audiences become customers! In the real world, however, the audience thins down with each subsequent stage.

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All You Need To Know About Pillar Content

Make your website Google friendly with piller content

Pillar Pages are more than just “pretty long blog posts”. They are a detailed version of a particular topic relevant to your brand, with enough information to allow a reader to process the same and revisit it again and again. Similar to how a reader would read a book divided into chapters, Pillar Pages are arranged based on topic clusters. It’s a modern method used by content marketers and a terrific approach towards a brand’s overall SEO plan.

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Do You Really Need User Manuals for Your Products?

user manuals

A user manual is a comprehensive technical document covering the spectrum of functions of a product or system, with detailed instructions on how to use it efficiently. The manual serves as a written guide to simplify the handling of software, computer hardware, and electronic goods. The purpose of the document is to provide information on how to use the product properly in order to reduce the risk of damage.

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